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The world is awesome, capture it with andrewlopes photography for your events and photo shoots. We provide peace of mind to YOU by planning the session around your busy schedule. Call us today and schedule an appointment to plan your session. 
For Studio work we would need advance notice to book a mutual time for the photo shoot. Model Portfolio and private session pricing may vary depending on requirements so please email me at info@andrewlopes.com or call me at 647.309.2848 for your consultation


Our Mission

Our Mission starts with you, creating great photography memories and a history of the most important thing in life which is “YOU”. The greatest pleasures for me is knowing that my work is respected and admired by friends, “You” and business associates. To that, creating and providing quality services to YOU will always be my first priority.


To be a leader in the art of photography products, services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses present themselves in a visual media.
— Vision Statement


Well, a bit about me. As you may have noticed, I like photography.... Yes no surprise there. I have tried so many career paths, but I always seem to come right back to photography. With that being said I’ve decided to stick with it because it’s the only thing I really enjoy doing. I’ve spent lots of time, resources and late nights perfecting this art, and I can honestly say that this is a never ending process because so much is changing around us, and so fast that I always have to keep myself pushing my creative boundaries.

I read an article a while back and it said, “The difference between an amateur and a professional is an amateur gives up when the process becomes boring, but a professional works through the boring parts of a process be become a master at what he does”. I can definitely say that I’ve gone through all of the boring parts of the process and still do to become better and produce better work on the next projects every time.

I do not like my clients stressing about their photo session’s, so I always assure them that once they choose me as their photographer, they never have to worry about anything, I will take it from there. 

I like sports, mostly hockey & baseball and would like to shoot a pro sports event at some point in the future.

“Your World in Motion” and it starts with you and andrewlopes photography, so lets get together and create something amazing.

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